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The Assassin (model #PQ-HP495)

The Assassin - $650.00 Model #PQ-HP495

  • The Assassin - Upgrade for $650.00

Speed up to 40mph (with proper components such as a good quality battery pack and recommended tire size).

PQ-HP495 - "The Assassin" 48 Volt Series motor - 10 spline, 1984 and up. $650.00

This motor will fit 1984 and up Club Car 10 spline differentials. Older resistor type carts must be converted to use a solid state controller. Throttle and controller must be compatible. Generally, Club Car throttles thru 1995 are 0-5K, 1996 and up are 5K-0.

Red motors are high performance and heavy duty Series custom built motors for superior performance (double high speed banding, high speed balancing, and vented when acceptable).

For maximum performance, safety, and durability, minimal requirements include a 400 amp controller, 4 gauge cables throughout the cart, H.D. solenoid and H.D. F&R switch.

Please note: It is a must that you have a good quality battery pack. Make sure your brakes are not dragging, and that your tires are properly inflated.

Controllers: Series

Flight Systems Industrial Products Installation and Replacement Info ›

500, and 700 amp controllers are set for both 36 or 48 volts. Adjust current limit and acceleration by simply using a screwdriver. Visit FSIP for installation and replacement instructions.

Controller Model # (GE 500 Amp): Description Price
PQ5005K 500 Amp, 5K-0 $475.00
PQ500 500 Amp, 0-5K $475.00
PQ500ITS 500 Amp, ITS $500.00
PQ500Y 500 Amp, 0-1K $500.00
Controller Model # (GE 700 Amp): Description Price
PQ700SK 700 Amp, 5K-0 $550.00
PQ700 700 Amp, 0-5K $550.00
PQ700ITS 700 Amp, ITS $575.00
PQ700Y 700 Amp, 0-1K $575.00

Premium Cable Sets

Cable Set Model # (Heavy Duty): Description Price
PQ4GA 4 Guage Premium Cable Set $240.00
PQ1GA 1 Guage Premium Cable Set $275.00


36 volt, 400 amp continuous, 1000 amp peak with 3 amp diode and 220 ohm precharge sesistor or 48 volt, 400 amp continuous, 1,000 amp peak with 3 amp diode and 470 ohm precharge resistor.

Solenoid Model # (Heavy Duty): Description Price
PQ36VS H.D. 36 Volt, 400 Amp Solenoid $98.00
PQ48VS H.D. 48 Volt, 400 Amp Solenoid $98.00

F&R Switch

F&R Switch Model # (Heavy Duty): Description Price
PQHDF&RS CC Club Car F&R Switch $160.00
PQHDF&RS EZ EZ-GO F&R Switch $170.00

Pot Box

Pot Box Model # (0-5K): Description Price
PQPB-6 Curtis 0-5K Pot Box $180.00