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The Bandit (model #PQ-HP412)

The Bandit - $225.00 Model #PQ-HP412 | Check Compatibility

Speed up to 25mph (with stock controller, good quality battery pack, and all Regen braking is removed with Bandit upgrade).

PQ-HP412 - "The Bandit" 48 Volt Sepex motor 10 spline, 2002 and up - $225.00

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This motor will fit 2002 and up Club Car IQ 10 spline differentials. This is a stock GE IQ motor with performance upgrade. Motor change only with Regen removed.

Purple motors are upgraded stock or aftermarket motors that you, the customer ship to us for speed and torque performance upgrades.

Note: Customer must send in a good repairable motor core!

If you do not have a repairable motor, or you wish to keep your stock motor, you can pay a $100.00 core charge added to the upgrade price of $225.00 for a total of $325.00 when we have a core available.

Please note: It is a must that you have a good quality battery pack. Make sure your brakes are not dragging, and that your tires are properly inflated.

Controllers: Shunt (SEPEX)

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300, and 500 amp controllers are set for both 36 or 48 volts.

Visit FSIP for installation and replacement instructions.

Controller Model # (GE 300 Amp): Description Price
PQ300CCI 300 Amp, Club Car Regen I $475.00
PQ300CCII 300 Amp, Club Car Regen II $475.00
PQ300CCIQ 300 Amp, Club Car IQ $475.00
PQ300EZDCS 300 Amp, EZ-GO DCS $475.00
PQ300EZPDS 300 Amp, EZ-GO PDS $475.00
PQ300YG19 300 Amp, Yamaha G19 $475.00
PQ300YG22 300 Amp, Yamaha G22 $475.00
PQ300YG29 300 Amp, Yamaha G29 $475.00
Controller Model # (GE 500 Amp): Description Price
PQ500CCI 500 Amp, Club Car Regen I $575.00
PQ500CCII 500 Amp, Club Car Regen II $575.00
PQ500CCIQ 500 Amp, Club Car IQ $575.00
PQ500EZDCS 500 Amp, EZ-GO DCS $575.00
PQ500EZPDS 500 Amp, EZ-GO PDS $575.00
PQ500YG19 500 Amp, Yamaha G19 $575.00
PQ500YG22 500 Amp, Yamaha G22 $575.00
PQ500YG29 500 Amp, Yamaha G29 $575.00

Premium Cable Sets

Cable Set Model # (Heavy Duty): Description Price
PQ4GASH 4 Guage Premium Cable Set $240.00
PQ1GASH 1 Guage Premium Cable Set $275.00


36 volt, 400 amp continuous, 1000 amp peak with 3 amp diode and 220 ohm precharge sesistor or 48 volt, 400 amp continuous, 1,000 amp peak with 3 amp diode and 470 ohm precharge resistor.

Solenoid Model # (Heavy Duty): Description Price
PQ36VS H.D. 36 Volt, 400 Amp Solenoid $98.00
PQ48VS H.D. 48 Volt, 400 Amp Solenoid $98.00